Magnolia Home Paint By Joanna Gaines

Who doesn’t love everything about Joanna Gaines?? She is the modern day Martha Stewart with Chip giving us hope that our husbands will be as talented when they pick up a hammer and help out on projects. That being said, I was over the moon to find the Magnolia Home Paint at my local Target. I didn’t even hesitate when I bought it. I picked up my favorite colors and figured I would find a project for them.

I had an old dresser that was still its natural cedar wood color and I wanted to give it a modern feel by updating the knobs and painting her. I chose the Magnolia Chalk Style Paint in Garden Trowel to use on this piece and I was not disappointed.

The color upon opening the can was true to the cans stripe which is always a concern when there isn’t a sample to look at. I loved that the color was grayish with a brown/taupe background. I used my brush that is very similar to the brush Joanna was selling with the Chalk Style Paint to start. After wiping down and sanding the surface to ensure that it was free of dust and dirt I began painting.

The paint is made by the Kilz brand, which is a great paint brand that stands by its quality so I can say 100% that it didn’t surprise me how smooth the paint was or how well it went on but I was overjoyed with the smell. The low VOC on this paint was perfect for being able to finish a product indoors!

One thing I did notice is that once you paint the first layer you will want to wait at least 10-15 minutes before going back over it, otherwise you will begin to see the original layer separate and become super sticky.

I would rate this product at a 9 out of 10 stars for price ($32 – which is at the higher end of Chalk Style paints), smell and availability.

The fact I could pick it up at Target, add my red card 5% discount and finish my grocery shopping all in one stop was definitely a hit. Plus, this little guy made it so much fun!

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