Antique Book Shelf

This piece was once in a vintage clothing store. Not sure on her age, but I’m guessing possibly 50’s or 60’s. She had a set of doors on the top, but they were removed before I got her. All that remains was a remnant of where the hinges once were.

This one of a kind piece with three drawers was beautiful and interesting. She was dark and even though beautiful, she needed to be lighten up so you could see all of the embellishments she carried.

I originally had many ideas on the color paint I wanted for her, from shades of pink to grey. As I began, I quickly saw that she would look best in a creamy white with grey shelving. This piece is the perfect example of thinking you know what your going to do until you start painting and realizing a piece would look better with simple colors.

The Supplies:

When using Fusion Mineral a little sanding is needed at times, but the paint doesn’t have to go on top of a sanded piece. It flows nicely whether it is sanded or not.


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